Pure and utter gold. The Rams are a complete mess. Jeff Fisher should not be employed as an NFL head coach. As a professional historian, I look at the past, analyze the evidence and evaluate/formulate my own opinion. Remember in Hard Knocks when Jeff Fisher said “I’m not going 7-9, 8-8, 9-7”? Bull shit coach. You epitomize mediocrity and you are a walking .500. Jeff Fisher has been to one Superbowl which he lost. He is a career 173-163-1 as a head coach and 5-6 in the playoffs. As a coach, Fisher really is a disgrace to the NFL for being so mediocre for so long but also for shunning away the biggest Rams legend of all time.


Eric Dickerson had been allowed on the Rams sideline this season since the team returned to Los Angeles. Dickerson is a 6 time pro bowler, 5 time first team all pro, one time offensive player of the year, 4 time rushing leader, all time leader in rookie rushing yards and once ran for 2,105 yards, another record. Now as a guest on the sideline, Dickerson probably was fed up with the bullshit, slapdick performances the Rams have been displaying this season. The Rams are 4-7 and might not even with the mere 7 games Fisher so adamantly claimed they were better than. Can’t wait for Fisher to continue his consistent