Odell Beckham: Thumb injury almost helps me catch better

odellbeckhamjr-thecatch-onehandedcatch-vsdallascowboys_0353c410-cab9-4992-8b20-a0f6eb93ac85Spend 25 minutes with me on a Sunday and you will know I am not a fan of OBJ. However I will concede to the immense talent he possesses. He has some of if not the best hands I have ever seen and he combines it with extremely explosive speed, agility and route running. Kid is special but he must improve in between his ears. Regardless, how on earth does breaking your thumb help you catch the ball better? I am considering breaking mine to see if he is bullshitting us and just messing with the media. I mean seriously? Even Jason Pierre Paul admits that his play is hindered by only having 7 fingers even though he continues to play at a high level. But Odell I think is fucking around. His catching ability had no room for improvement in the first place but all of a sudden once you fracture the most important finger on Homo sapiens and mammals alike you become better at catching the rock?