Mike Zimmer is an absolute lunatic. Definitely a football guy but the man is batshit insane. Scratched his eye after a loss to the Chicago Bears on October 31st requiring retina surgery the following day. Zimmer was at great risk of being permanently blind in his right eye but he didn’t care he was back to work business as usual. Too much film to watch. Too much preparation needed to happen for the next game. Well that bit him in the fucking ass because now he needs another surgery. Apparently it is being done today but by god does he really value wins over his vision? Now it looks like he is going to be forced to miss tonights matchup against the Cowboys. The old adage and impossible for some to answer question “Would you rather be blind or deaf” apparently is a no brainer for old Coach. I guess a third category should be applied and that is dumb. The Vikings after a hot start aren’t even good. Sam Bradford is a bottom tier Quarterback and their offensive line couldn’t block Western Michigan’s front seven.