I will be the first to admit that Buzz Aldrin is a legend. Second man to ever walk the moon?? Come on, that is an incredible feat. But in all seriousness you can make it to the moon but cannot make it on the South Pole. Lets dissect that a bit. First and foremost what the hell is Buzz doing in the South Pole? Searching for Santa Clause? He is 86 years old I mean is backgammon, cigars, and single malts and bridge not enough? Buzz really needs that much excitement in his life that he is doing expeditions on the South Pole? Why don’t you stop at Gemini 12 and Apollo 11? Technically, according to my analytics, it is summer in Antarctica currently and thus for some strange unforeseen reason it is the cheapest time of year to get to. So not only is Buzz Aldrin a crazed man at 86 for attempting to expedite the South Pole but he is also frugal? We need more details as to why Buzz needed to be medically evacuated but my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and to all physicians, geographers, astronauts and chemists alike.