Snubbing Jake Browning, Chris Peterson and the Washington Huskies at this point would be an unmitigated, foolish and disrespectful move. They might have the only offense that has the potential to beat Alabama. Alabama is going to smoke Florida and their inept offense like the ribs at Jim ‘N Nicks. That’s my first two teams in and we will get to the order of the teams in a minute or two depending on your ability or inability to read and comprehend. The next two in is where it gets tricky. This playoff committee is young, too lazy to do research on this one but I am pretty positive this is the 3rd year of it existence 4th at the most. They have never been in a situation where the winner of a conference is arguably less of a valued candidate than another member of the conference who didn’t make it to the conference championship.


First and foremost, the Big 12 is a fucking joke. I would argue/hypothesize that they will no longer exist by the year 2020 and that might even be giving them an extra year or two. Time will tell what Coach Herman can do in Austin and Stoops has proven to be a two loss machine year in and year out but other than that the Big 12 with their 10 corrupt teams is a goner. Freaking Baylor cares more about maintaining a year in and year out 3 loss program than the livelihood of innocent women on their campus subject to disgusting abuse from their players which continuously got swept under the rub. Awful and tragic and their boosters wanted to bring ole Art back. Pathetic.


As aforementioned, I believe Washington’s win last night places them in the top 4. Now we move to the ACC. Should Clemson win and beat Virginia Tech today than they most definitely will get in. Deshaun Watson is a stud, and while they did lose a tremendous amount of their tremendous defense from last season, just thinking about that final game against Bama last year makes me pitch a tent. It was a shootout and Bamas defense last season was on par with the defense this season. The game ended 45-40 Alabama and if they match up again it will be a similar outcome mark my word. Dabo Swinney has a well oiled machine going in Clemson and they are here to stay. So barring some unforeseen upsetting circumstances that is three right there: Alabama, Washington and Clemson. This is where it gets tricky. The Big 10.


Can you honestly say to yourself, in a year where many experts and pundits believe the Big 10 is the best conference in football that the winner of the conference doesn’t deserve to be in the playoff? Sure, Ohio State and Michigan are good but they only have themselves to blame. Ohio State don’t fucking lose to Penn State and if you are Michigan don’t lose to fucking Iowa but you got lucky and had another chance in Columbus on Thanksgiving weekend and turned the ball over like it your Quarterback didn’t even want to win the game. So now we will see what the committee values and by god I HATE Penn State and everything that they stand for but they have won 8 straight. If they win against Wisconsin and win big they deserve to be in. I don’t know what those suckers on the committee are thinking or are going to think tomorrow come selection Sunday but that is my prediction. #1 Alabama. #2 Clemson. #3 Washington and #4 Penn State. Fuck Urban Meyer and fuck Jim Harbaugh and his stupid antics like getting a penalty from the sideline you entitled shitbag. Regardless it is going to be fun and holy cow the fact that Western Michigan is going to get snubbed is a travesty of the highest order.