As I write this article the coin toss is underway. This is before kick off and let me tell you Nick Saban is not losing to the University of Florida. Keith Richards wouldnt even be able to have a good time in Gainesville. The University of Florida sucks as an institution and its football program these days is even worse. The saying “Your Mama dont Dance and Your Daddy Rock n Roll” should be applied to this matchup as the Gators are about to get punked. Literally bama is about to kick off and this is going to be a blow out. Nick Saban is the god of college football. He already has a fucking statue of himself and he is still coaching. The Dolphins are fools for running him out of town way back when. They gave him no control over player personel and ever since they have been swimming in mediocrity. Alabama is rolling to Tampa Bays Raymond James Stadium for the College Football Championship mark my word