The stat line for the 49ers Quarterbacks yesterday was a combined 5/15 for 41 yards. They lost 26-6. Keep pounding the ball Chip, teams that are losing usually try and throw the ball and save time on the clock. Not Chip. Chip wants to run the ball like its 1968 and neglect the basic concept of throwing the ball in order to come back and win a game. To answer the question in the title, it is clear that Chip Kelly will not be coaching for the 49ers next season. I say he is going back to college. He claims he wont coach for Oregon but they have a coaching vacancy and taking Chip for his word is like believing in the tooth fairy. He is a lying thief who doesn’t deserve a job on the sidelines with all of his bullshit antics. Just look at the picture. I wouldnt trust Chip Kelly to prepare me a bowl of cereal, let alone win a big football game.0114-chip-getty-7