The video is better than sex. I love Tom Brady. Being a 21 year old die hard Patriots fan I will admit I am extremely extremely lucky. Like, if I were given the choice of being a fan of any other fan base and winning the lottery, I still wouldnt take it over being a Patriots fan. As Muslims claim in their first Pillar of Islam, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” I too proclaim there is no god but Belichick and Brady is the messenger of Allah. Swear on my life on of my earliest memories is watching Drew Bledsoe scramble to the to the right and get knocked out of bounds by Mo Lewis resulting in fractured ribs and a punctured lung. My dad and I were eating corned beef sandwiches from Golds Deli with Cape Cod Chips and half sour pickles. My dad appeared to be extremely nervous. But what ensued during the next 15 years has been spectacularly unimaginable.I am the luckiest kid on earth simply because I am a Patriots fan. No QB in the history of QB’s has as many wins as Tom Brady does. Since Brady has been QB of the Patriots there have been 15 AFC Championship games. Tom Terrific has been in 10 of those and won 6. I cant fucking wait for the day when Roger Goodell has to hand Brady the Lombardi Trophy for his 5th ring.