Hell yes, we are now favorites to win the American League. Pitching wins in baseball and we now have the reigning Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, David Price and Chris Sale. Elite pitching staff. The Thornburg trade gives us bullpen depth- we will continue to add more- but with the addition of Chris Sale I see a ring coming soon. To be a fan of Boston sports is such a lovely life to live. We don’t value stats. We don’t value prima donnas. We don’t value no-good thuds who don’t put in the work. We are about the process, hard work and above all results. And by results I mean wins. I am 21 years old I have seen 3 World Series wins, 4 Super Bowls, an NBA Finals Championship and a Stanley Cup. Yoan Moncada is a tough loss to take the kid has an enormous amount of potential but Chris Fucking Sale baby! Hopefully he doesn’t take scissors and cut up the aesthetically unpleasing Jerseys as a protest move.