Was in a rush so I did what was most convenient: I called in ahead of time a salad with grilled chicken on it at Hillels Kitchen where my next class was. Awful experience. I am not a racist I have friends of all colors, ethnicities and religions. The lady at the register was fresh off the boat from Asia. She could not understand a word I was saying and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. It was like having a conversation with a wall. So I requested upper management to ring me up which occurred successfully. Only problem was, the credit card swiper was at the least 12 feet away from the register. At this point the line was through the roof. And there were so many gorgeous babes in line pissed off at me for some reason. The lady at the register should take some English classes or get a new job at Dragon King. Complete and utter bananaland. Why on earth, why in gods name, why the fuck would you put a credit card swiper the distance of a first down away from the register. It is mind boggling. But atleast the salad with grilled chicken was satisfying.