Such a sad and tragic story. Fucking shoot someone three times over a traffic incident. And the law in Louisiana is in that scumbag killers favor. The law states, paraphrased, that one can shoot to kill if their life is in danger or if they are subject to grave bodily damage. The police department let the scumbag walk away. He is on the streets. He shot Joe McKnight THREE times. Joe McKnight is a New Orleans legend, the entire city saw him as a hero and now he is gone and his killer is walking free. But the Sherriff just unloaded a defensive, combative and profanity laced press conference in which he came across as arrogant, selfish and possessing a lack of any morality. Ronald Gasser is the murderer who deserves justice and a life behind bars, and Sherriff Newell Normand needs to get his act and the act of his department together. Fucking senseless.