I never in thirteen million years ever think that would be a possibility. Due to a spike in death rates at nightclubs over the years, Lancashire police are backing a scheme where volunteers will test your drugs for free. I thought this would be something from the Onion but no. This is Great Britain’s’ The Independent and it is not a joke. This is actually a thing. Here is my take on it: first and foremost any time people die it is usually if not always sad and tragic. People going out having a fun time, experimenting with mind-altering substances only to have their heart stop beating is awful. But to play devils advocate, just don’t do drugs. If you are of legal age, drink a few beers, loosen up and have a good time. Do you really need to roll your balls/tits off every time you go out? I have never done MDMA but I have friends who have and it appears every time, the next morning they complain about a sore jaw. I hate sore jaws so not for me.

But back to the scheme, did anyone ever see a law like this coming? Legal drug testing kits for illegal drugs. My brain just suffered a concussion just writing that statement.