I’m gonna go ahead and say last night was on assholes like me. I come out here and call out Todd Bowles for not having the balls to lose. After giving the Patriots a real competition, I thought we were in for a classic Jets win over Andrew Luck, who was 0-2 coming into the night against the Jets in his career. Instead, we see a beat down on MNF, again, and the NFL is still wondering why their rating are so fucking low. 41 – 10, to the god awful Colts. But that made me ask myself… is Todd Bowles trolling the Jets fan base at this point?

I mean, Bowles has stood by Fitzpatrick through his terrible season. Game after game he puts him back out there, and it has to be because he wants to lose, right? The Colts just do not have a good secondary. Marshall and Enuwa both should’ve been able to put up numbers. Instead, the Jets manage to run for only 36 yards, and Fitz throws 5/12 for 81 yards and a pick. A QBR of 28.8. Fucking terrible. And then Bowles reaches into his pocket, pulls out his two middle fingers, and puts in Bryce Petty. Petty actually scores, while throwing two picks and finishes with a QBR LOWER than Fitzpatricks with a 27.9 (!!!!). Just diabolical shit from Todd Bowles these days.

This can’t be solely on the offense though. I mean, the best tackle of the night came on this play: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNqRmSnh88g/?taken-by=lilxuber

Revis looks like maybe the worst cornerback in the league. The guy should not be allowed to cover anyone not named Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, or Andre Johnson. It’s a new era of receivers, and Revis is strait dog shit. There’s rumors saying that “Revis isn’t happy playing football anymore” and “Revis is done after this season,” to which I say, good. Get off this team if you’re not going to tackle, defend passes, or stop touchdowns. You get paid millions to do these 3 things. And as bad as Revis is, the secondary is almost worse. Dwayne Allen came into the night with 15 career touchdowns, and catches 3 in the first half. That’s raising your career touchdowns by like 30% or something. On two touchdowns he walked into the end zone from over 5 yards out, untouched. AMAZING. I swear I could of made the same plays as Dwayne Allen, and anyone who’s ever tried having a catch with me knows I have the hand-eye coordination of a one eyed man with minimal depth perception. Every now and then I’ll get one, but don’t count on me for a fantastic football catch.

You know who you can count on? T.Y. Hilton. Good god this guy is a great football player. 9 receptions for 146 yards. What a night for him. No touchdown, but none needed. He was just about as clutch as the Jets secondary was unclutch.

Quick shoutout to Jets defense overall for scoring me -1 points in fantasy, and Nick Folk getting me a solid 4 points. I lost my matchup by fucking .5 points and missed out on a first round bye of the playoffs. But hey, champions overcome obstacles.

Keep laughing Todd, hopefully it ends up with Mitch Trubinsky