I have yet to try them but as a big advocate of waffle fries, I am going with in. There is probably zero chance they are better than the McDonalds original fries but it gives us frie lovers more options. Sometimes these moves by Micky D’s work sometimes they don’t. The McRib was an epic fail. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog and I would rather eat cat food then a McRib. Business Insider compiled a list of 12 of the biggest disastrous fails McDonalds has attempted to put on their menu. Among the grosser ones are the McLobster, McSpaghetti, the McHotdog and the McDLT- a simple burger in a Styrofoam container. How high does one have to be to be willing to eat McSpaghetti? Also, I don’t even think they would feed prisoners lobster meat produced by McDonalds. Andy Reid has probably eaten all of those things.