As a man I will fortunately never have to give birth which I have heard through various sources may very well be the worst pain ever. But I have broken my wrist on three separate occasions, I have Barretts syndrome which basically means I am going to die of either esophagus or mouth cancer before I turn 60, I have suffered from a high ankle sprain, I have had incredibly painful bouts of sinus pain while staying in Quito Ecuador one of the most elevated points on earth and I once tore my meniscus while walking up a flight of stairs. I know what pain is.

In my honest to god opinion I seriously think the pain one suffers in their ears while spending an inane amount of time outside in the cold is bar none the worst pain ever. I walked 1 and a half miles to work this morning in 50 degree weather and high humidity which is extremely cold for New Orleans. I have been sitting in this 73 degree office for 21 minutes now and my ears still feel numb and as if there is i95 is being reconstructed inside of them.