Could Jim Irsay be supplying the entire league with painkillers? It is a likely scenario given his addiction, propensity to strictly care about the dollar and overall scumbag mentality. Regardless, it is becoming more and more clear in the face of the ongoing lawsuit about painkillers against the NFL that the NFL has a rampant problem with painkillers. They toss them around like tic tacs while giving zero shits about concussions or wife beaters yet they micromanage the PSI in footballs.

But on to Brandon Marshall, what an insane claim to make that can’t be true. Marshall showed a tremendous amount of toughness by coming back from a high ankle sprain in a mere 10 days. However, I would bet my entire life savings that he remembers every minute of that three touchdown game. I wouldn’t know since I don’t dabble in pain killers, but from what I can ascertain you don’t black out on just two of them which he claimed he took. Although I haven’t done any research on what the effects of pain killers are when combined with Lithium. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that Brandon Marshall is clinically diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder.