So I refuse to call my peaceful protest today a failure. Yea, I didn’t get Alvin Gentry fired and I didn’t get arrested like I predicted. However, I did start a following of fellow pissed of Pelicans fans and we WILL WIN. We will get Gentry fired by the end of the month and I am the stalwart that started this mass movement. I HANDCUFFED MYSELF TO THE SMOOTHIE KING CENTER. I attracted 7 police officers who were about to arrest me but I retreated for the greater good of the cause. In Wars, retreating often times is a well suggest and well informed move.Often times it separates winners from losers and I promise we will win. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported, the BANDANA aint going no where the only person who is leaving New Orleans is Alvin Gentry. US Pelicans fans deserve better because Anthony Davis is too much a talent.