Why aren’t the Steelers losing a first round pick and 1,000,000? Why isnt Ben Roethlisberger not having his reputation dragged through the shitter? Why is Mike Tomlin not being called a cheater? And why are we not petitioning to put asterisks on the Pittsburgh Steelers two Super Bowls??? I do not understand for the life of me how the NFL can get away with such God-Damn hypocrisy!

If anyone missed it this weekend, and I can’t blame you if you did because it didn’t reach a single headline of any news outlet…The Pittsburgh Steelers were accused of playing with deflated footballs in their game against the New York Giants last week. After review, the balls were found to be under inflated to 11.4 PSI, basically the exact same level of the Pats Balls in the AFC championship game against the Colts two years ago. For two years, terrorist attacks, celebrity divorces, and political scandals were pushed to the backpages of every newspaper in the country, so the world could focus on the heinous and reprehensible crimes committed by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Now, nobody wants to deal with that again, but since the against same thing happened in Pittsburgh, we have no choice but to deal with it the exact same way right?
Nope, because it is not the New England Patriots we are dealing with, we are completely fine sweeping it under the rug within 45 minutes and pretending it did not happen. Scour the internet headlines and there is not even a mention of it anywhere. No millions of taxpayer dollars used for an investigation, no false tweets, and no fucking suspension for Ben Roethlisberger.
No one actually thinks Ben should get suspended, but how can you suspend one and not the other, when it was literally the exact same thing that happened. It just makes no sense. Deflategate 2.0 has to be a national story, and if it is not, then the NFL needs to apologize to the Patriots and give them their motherfucking first round draft pick back.