Defense is looking good. LG Blunt Force Trauma and our Offensive Line are operating like Henry Fords Assembly Line. Julian Edelman has gotten 6 concussions and Shea McClellin did something no white person has ever done: he jumped over the line of scrimmage and blocked a field goal to the tune of me getting a bigger boner than Peter North. Best part of it all, my bi weekly prop bet is looking great. Big dick Martellus Bennett over 3 catches. He currently has 3 through 2 quarters. One more and my big brain will strike gold once again.

I dont want to sound cocky but I am extremely confident in the outcome regardless of my big brained prop bet. Joe Flacco is proving to not be elite and Ed Hochuli and company are proving to not be competent. While a win is not guaranteed, I can assure you that me and my fellow members of Patriots Nation are about as comfortable as your average Catholic Family on a Christmas morning. Chris Bermans 22-20 prediction is still in tact but honestly who in there right mind would predict a team to score 22 points in todays day and age. Even with the NFL implementing (my new favorite word) the rule where the PAT is longer which in effect has made kickers miss PATs at an unprecedented rate that is still a Bananaland prediction of a prediction. 22 points. But he is rocking a hat that only a legend could rock. Get psyched for the second half because by god so much is at a filet mignon steak . The Ravens are the only team that worries me in the AFC and so far so good. I hate Dean Pees so fucking much.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots