On January 20th, 2015 NFL reporter Chris Mortensen reported that 11 of the 12 Patriot game balls were significantly under inflated. We all know what ensued. Millions and millions of dollars spent on a bullshit shotty investigation by the NFL and a witchhunt on Tom Brady and the NFL. What it did was brainwash millions of Americans into believing Tom Brady is a cheater when he has been one of the greatest ambassadors the sport has ever seen. Now whether or not you choose to be brainwashed I could care less because the facts are the facts (which we will get to in a moment) but with that being said if you can sit wherever your sitting and honestly say to yourself Tom Brady is only good because he illegally deflates footballs or the Patriots are only good because they cheat than I believe you should be medically evaluated.

The Patriots lost a million dollars and a first round draft pick while Tom Brady was suspended four games and received a severely tarnished reputation for no fucking reason. It was about ONE game, against the worthless Colts in the AFC Championship game. It was torrential downpour and extremely chilly. Patriots running back, LG Blount ran to the tune of 3 touchdowns because the Colts defense allowed holes bigger than Lisa Ann’s box. He could have scored those three TD’s while holding a beach ball, let a alone a barely underinflated football. And the low life Colts, run and owned by the low life owner Jim Irsay, who likes to drive around severely intoxicated with $29,029 in cash and enough opiates to put down a hundred and seventeen elephants, could only score a grand total of 7 points in that game.

This was also a planned out implanted plant by the Indianapolis Colts, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL’s Mike Kensil. For anyone still reading who has never heard of Mike Kensil, his current title is the VP of Game Operations in the NFL and has a fucking LinkedIn account. Kensil was the ring-leader of this sting operation and told a Patriots staffer during the AFC championship game that the Pats were in fucking trouble for this. He hates how the Patriots always win and more importantly hates Bill Belichick. You know why, because he was the VP of Football Operations for the New York Jets during the era in which Bill Belichick was the head coach for one day, quit, took the job with the Patriots and proceeded to repeatedly torch the Jets to the tune of Mike Kensil losing his job with the Jets.

Now to the hypocrisy issue. The BS Chris Mortensen article which sprung this whole thing, was practically identically released a week or so ago. Someone with integrity, which Mort doesn’t even know how to spell, Jay Glazer reported that the New York Giants sent in a request to the NFL that the Pittsburg Steelers footballs were significantly underinflated. Sound familiar? The NFL chose to release a statement, in which John Fucking Mara was apart of saying that the league is following proper protocol and it was a non-issue. If you aren’t aware, the Rooney family (owners of the Steelers) and the Mara family (owners of the Giants) have intermarried. Patricia Rooney Mara’s mom founded the Steelers and her Father founded the Giants. They have mutual interests aside from the one time they play in the Superbowl which will never fucking happen as long as Bill is still coaching and Tom is still playing Quarterback. Roger, the ultimate clown who if I wrote about in this I would be arrested for issuing a legitimate threat, the NFL’s 31 owners not named Robert Kraft need to fucking fix this. Apologize to Tom. Inform America that Tom is innocent and the greatest NFL player ever who 100 and thousand percent plays within the rules.

So while the exact same thing happened in these two instances, one causes a multi million dollar, 2 year witch hunt sting operation, and the other is to be swept under the rug within 45 minutes. John Mara has the audacity to come out and say, “it was much a-do about nothing (who fucking says that), when he led the deflategate charge the first time around. I guess we should not so surprised by the hypocrisy of this weasel looking John Mara. He is the same guy who gave his kicker Josh Brown a contract extension, all while knowing that said kicker had been abusing his wife for YEARS.