The Knicks have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. In the 90s, Charles Oakley dove into the stands for a loose ball, drilling my parents and spilling their beer and popcorn onto the court. My dad, naturally, picked up Oakley and got him back on his feet before tending to my mom (who understood that there were greater things at stake). The Knicks have been programmed into every single inch of my body. It’s safe to say that my day will be completely affected by a Knicks win or loss.

I have suffered more heartbreak and disappointment than I could ever imagine throughout my Knicks fandom. That being said, never in my life have I been so utterly embarrassed and ashamed of our organization. Imagine my surprise when we were off to the best start we have had in years, and our 12 million dollars a year President of Basketball Operations is not happy with his star player. Yes, Phil “11 rings” Jackson had the audacity to PUBLICLY call out Carmelo Anthony for holding the ball for too long. Hold on a minute, did Phil Jackson really say that we have a rule on our team that if a player holds the ball for more than 2 seconds, they are helping the opposing defense? Is Carmelo Anthony five years old? Does a former scoring champion need to be publicly scolded by his president? Phil, please do us all a favor and quit it. It’s simple, Phil. If you do not want to coach because you’re too old that is fine with me. Let’s just stop talking so much. Frankly, nobody wants to hear it. I can confidently say I have not heard one good word about since you came to New York besides drafting Kristaps “the unicorn” Porzingis.

Sorry Phil, I forgot that Kobe and Jordan never held the ball for over 2 seconds. I am literally starting to think that you hate Carmelo Anthony. I am so beyond dumbfounded by the timing of this whole thing. Don’t ruin our chemistry, Phil! We just lost to the Suns and almost lost to the Lakers!

By the way, what does it say about our organization if our star player and our “legendary” president are not on the same page? How we can expect to be taken seriously if we clearly do not have our shit together? Did Melo and Phil not discuss Melo’s shooting habits and Phil’s vison before the season? Maybe Phil wants Melo gone, but due to Melo’s no trade clause, the ball is quite literally in Melo’s court. I personally see more drama and a potential disaster between the two in the future. I hope Melo stays, but I truly would not fault him for booking a plane ticket to a championship contender and saying sayonara to Phil on his way out.

I hope he stays, but maybe that’s just me. Hats off to you Melo. Whether you get the ring or not, you’re a winner in my book. Keep playing your game and don’t listen to the old man in the office.