Before getting into the preview, lets recap the two awful games from Thursday and last night. The Rams got absolutely smoked and so did the Jets. No need to talk about anything from those games other than the disgusting Seahawks uniforms. I had heachaches all game watching those uniforms, and woke up Friday and was all anxious and confused so I visited my doctor and apparently I have CTE. Not gonna complain, I am going to work to combat my symptoms. On to today.

Not gonna go over every single game because the NFL doesn’t produce enough quality games for you or I to care about. For example, Jacksonville vs. Houston no one outside of Houston gives a rats ass about. Green Bay vs. Chicaco, even though the Bears suck, is important because A. it is a divisional rivalry, B. it is in December in the windy city and C. the Pack need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive as well as a win to keep their head choach’s chances alive if he wants to keep his job. Cleveland vs. Buffalo may go down as the most boring game in football history. Philly vs. Baltimore could be interesting but I think the Ravens will smoke them to keep there playoff chances alive. Can the Chiefs win against a rising Titans team to clinch the AFC West? I don’t know but I don’t really care since no one in the AFC scares me as a Patriots fan aside from Baltimore. That’s right Steelers fans, Tom Brady and the Hoodie absolutely own you. Brady is 8-2 all time vs. the Steelers and they haven’t intercepted him since 2005 lol.

On that note, the only 1:00 EST time game I give a hoot about is the Giants vs. Lions will be the game I have on my TV with redzone on my computer. The Giants scare the shit out of me. I will be watching, taking notes, doing some analysis, sabermetrics and then sending them to my confidant Ernie Adams. With that being said I would love a third Super Bowl matchup against them. Bring it on Gmen.

The 4:00 games consist of New Orleans vs. Arizona, huge playoff implications, Oakland vs. San Diego, could last weeks meltdown and shit show of a performance been a fluke? Is Derek Carr perhaps, I don’t know, how do you say, overrated? Lets see. Last but certainly not least the Patriots and Broncos square off in the mile high city. The spread is currently at 3 points. The Patriots are 6-0 on the road this season but Brady is 2-7 all time in Denver. That changes today to 3-7, 27-17 Patriots as LG Blount Force Trauma runs to the tune of 112 yards and two touchdowns. Last but not least, Buccaneers vs. Cowboys. Oh the joy I am going to get when Jameis and the Buccaneers’ staunch D pulls off a big one in Dallas as Jerry Jones’ self inflicted QB controversy continues to be the thing that ruins the Cowboys best regular season in I don’t know how many years. Million dollar question, who is the bigger drunkard, Jerry Jones or Jim Irsay? Anyways, I love Randy Moss on television the combination of Moss and Charles Woodson is elite. Lastly, go to my gofundme page so we can Make Trent Dilfer Fit Again!!!! He has put on more weight than me!!