Growing up in the Northeast I am dead serious when I say this I hate deer. If I hit and killed a deer while driving it would be like business as usual. And I am not going to lie; I am a bit scared of deer. While it is common knowledge that the deer is equally scared of me, in the unlikely event of a deer charging at me and I wasn’t carrying my Colt .45 I would be petrified.

Now imagine this, imagine benching or running on a treadmill and hearing a loud crash. The crash of course, is a deer pummeling through a glass window. What would you do? I would be in total fucking shock watching a deer run around the gym. You can’t make this stuff up, a deer, broke through a glass window and started causing a raucous in a Gold’s Gym. If I was in that gym I would have grabbed the nearest bar from a bench press rack in beat the deer over the head. The deer could have killed someone and I would have negated that possibility. I fucking hate deer.