Who would have thought? Sir Isaac Newton’s contributions to mankind are astronomical. While I never paid attention in my High School science classes I do know how to do research. Newton’s three laws of motion with intertia and all that good stuff, the first man to understand the concept of gravity and its relationship with the moon, the groundbreaking book he wrote Philosophiae Naturalis, the first man to invent the reflecting telescope, the first to identify light as the source of color sensation and many more all advanced science and the world. Newton was the second scientist to be Knighted and proved to be a huge influencer to many future scientists who would also go on to advance society.

Guess what? He also was a complete lunatic. Newton was a loner. Newton would write in his papers that he was a big time sinner. He once stuck a needle in his own eye as a science experiment. Newton suffered from two extremely dangerous nervous breakdowns. Newton was once a waiter. Newton escaped the Great Plague. Last but not least, and definitely the saddest and most disappointing fact about Sir Isaac Newton is that he died a virgin.