“Isaiah Thomas went for career-high 44 points for the Celtics. I’ve seen him play forever, and his game has grown on me. I still don’t put him in the Top 25 (maybe even 40) players in the league, but he’s the ideal fit for this Celtics team and is a tough guy who can flat-out score. Also helps that he plays alongside one of the best perimeter defenders in Avery Bradley — who did a great job on Mike Conley in second half last night. Bradley so underrated. Averaging 18 points, 7.4 rebounds, shooting 42 percent from 3.” -ESPN Insider Jeff Goodman

Absolute Ludicrous take from Jeff Goodman, an ESPN “insider” who I used to have an ounce of respect for. I thought he was decent at his job which consists of following high school kids and grading them on their basketball skills, and then watching them “grow-up” through college and into the NBA. Creep. He gets paid the big bucks to fire off hot-takes such as this one, where he refuses to admit that Isiah Thomas is a star in this league. For those who don’t follow the Celtics as sickly as I do, know that IT is second in the eastern conference in scoring, and carries this team every single night offensively. Last night, he exploded for 44 points, bringing the Cs back from 17 down on the road against a really good Grizzlies team. And he did so on 16 shots! He gets 27 a night, with 6 assists, and leads the entire NBA in 4th quarter scoring. A clear cut all-star, and in a league loaded with star Point Guards, he is on no doubt on the top tier. If you want to argue about whether he is a top 15 or 20 player in the NBA, fine, but do not fucking sit here and tweet that he isnt top 25 and MAYBE NOT EVEN TOP 40. Are you fucking kidding me Jeff? You literally get paid to watch basketball, and you think you can name 40 NBA players better then Isiah Thomas. “Ohh but he is 5 9 and plays no defense.” Watch some tape and read a fucking book one time. You think Kyrie Irving plays any defense? How about Damien Lillard? James Harden? No, they do not. None of them have been in a defensive stance since 8th grade travel team tryouts. Their jobs are to score the basketball, and win games for their teams in the clutch. And Isiah Thomas continues to do that on a nightly basis. He came to Boston when this team was a laughing stock, brought them to 2 straight playoffs, and now has them in position to be the 2nd best team in the East, with a nice cast of role players around him and a great coach. He is a complete stud, a bonafide star in this league and his height is irrelevant. If you can’t see by now that he is a top 25 player in the NBA, then you know nothing about basketball. Thus, Jeff Goodman, it is time you get a new job.


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