Ahhh I love it. Absolutely love it. One of the more incompetent owners decides to retain one of the more incompetent GM’s in Ryan Grigson and one of the more incompetent Head Coach’s in Chuck Pagano. Now I won’t trash on the man in remission too hard because one can only perform up to their potential and Pagano has proven to be a god-awful coach time in and time again. But it isn’t his fault that Grigson has repeatedly failed to field a team around Andrew Luck. Luck should not be missing the playoffs ever he is simply too talented. But Grigson has failed to even consider putting talent on the defensive side of the ball or on the offensive line.

According to NFL.com’s statistics, the Colts had the 6th worst pass defense and the 8th worst run defense. And their offensive line? Andrew Luck was sacked the 5th most times this season, only better than the low-life Bills, 49ers, Rams and Browns. I laughed out loud typing that sentence. Those four teams probably fielded a combined 23 Quarterbacks this season. But sometimes sacks are a product of the Quarterback simply holding the ball for too long. Not with the Colts’ offensive line. Andrew Luck was hit 128 times, which was second only to again, the low-life Cleveland Browns. For comparison sake, The Oakland Raiders allowed just 41 QB hits. But again, I love it because I hate the Colts so fucking badly that I hope Jim Irsay’s incompetent and feeble-minded brain continues to employ Grigson. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Then again, any owner who drives around shit canned at 3:00 AM with $22,500 cash and enough prescription drugs to intoxicate all of Manhattan probably doesn’t know what he is doing either.