I don’t want to rail on a guy when apparently the reason he is missing is for a family issue but something definitely reeks here. If it really is a family issue than wouldn’t the Knicks know what was going on? Not to mention this is coming off the heels of a Derrick Rose 4th quarter benching the other night. Maybe this is all one giant misunderstanding and Derrick Rose looked at the schedule, saw NO and didn’t realize that stood for New Orleans. After all, we are talking about a guy who cheated on his SAT and waltzed right through his “rigorous” classes at the University of Memphis. So we aren’t exactly talking about the sharpest tool in the shed but stay tuned because things are going to get interesting. The latest reports are that he will report at some point today. But at the end of the day, this is another James Dolan, New York Knicks shit show classic that will turn out to be highly entertaining. After all, would you want to play for an owner who had a voice like this?