After the Presidential Inauguration in a couple of days, the United States will have five living ex-Presidents. Sadly, it is looking like that will change to four very shortly. H is not doing well; suffering from a myriad of respiratory issues and has been in and out of Houston hospitals for weeks. The reports are that if H were to attend the Inauguration he most likely would be coming back in a casket. Sad, sad stuff for a President who regardless of what your opinion on him is, H did some productive things for our country.


Early in his first term as Vice President under Reagan, as a man of honor H refused to land his helicopter on the White House’s South Lawn upon returning to DC after hearing the news that Reagan was shot. Landing on the South Lawn is a ceremonial duty strictly for the President. As President, serving only one term, H oversaw the collapse of the Soviet Union and effectively freed Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. Love him or hate him, long live George H. W. Bush, a man who dedicated his life to our Great Nation. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Bush family, even the foolish and moronic John Ellis “Jeb” Bush Sr.