What a shame they changed the name of Media Day to Opening Night. But Roger Goodell does what he wants and he apparently wants to turn Super Bowl Sunday into Super Bowl Week and it probably worked because suckers like me tuned in and watched religiously. My biggest take away was not from one of my New England Patriots rather it was from Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan has become a distraction for the Falcons. Period. His elaborate response to being asked about John Lynch and the 49ers was pathetic. Had Josh McDaniels been in that position, which he wouldn’t have been because he is smart and doesn’t want to work for bozo Jed York and a GM who is a sure fire lock to develop CTE, McDaniels would have said he is just focusing on Atlanta’s defense.


My second biggest takeaway was from Tom Brady who legitimately fought back tears after explaining why his dad was his biggest hero. I fought back tears watching Tom fight back tears .


My third biggest takeaway is I can’t fathom the fact that people pay money to go sit and watch in the stands. Morons, the NFL doesn’t need your “Opening Night” admission money and you’re a fool to have given it to them. Watching on TV more than suffices. Big Dick Martellus Bennet was spot on when he echoed my exact sentiments. Part two of my third biggest takeaway is no body is funnier than Martellus Bennett with the media. Also I got hard when he said he is willing to accept the franchise tag this offseason. Book #88 in Foxborough for next season.


Finally, stay tuned for my trip to Houston. We are on to Atlanta.