Earlier today the NFL tweeted a picture of Adrian Peterson with a quote from him and captioned it “All Day is a Class Act”. Hmm. I am not show sure about that. I certainly would not call a man who has fathered six children with four different women a class act. I would not call a man who pleaded no contest to assaulting his four-year-old son in an act in which the child suffered slashes all over his body a class act. And I also wouldn’t call a man who showed zero remorse when another one of his children, living with his ex-girlfriend and another child beater, passed away from again child abuse by his ex’s current boyfriend.


I am not being an opinionated dick like I know I can be the facts are the facts. Adrian Peterson is not a class act but again, it is the NFL. The same league that gives out the same suspension to a man who was caught on camera in an Atlantic City hotel dragging his girlfriend out of an elevator like a rag doll to a real man that “allegedly, more probable than not” deflated footballs by .2 PSI.