I will never forget the day when I read the news that Patriots star Tight End Aaron Hernandez was being investigated for murder. I was in the remote country of Botswana on a Safari with barely any Wifi so I was a bit delayed on reading the news. My family and I, being the staunch Pats fans we are, were shocked to say the least. How could a man with a smile as wide as the sky, with a sparkling new $40 million dollar contract with the world in his hands possibly kill his “friend” execution style in an Attleboro, Massachusetts’s industrial park?? The shock my family and I, and the rest of America for that matter, felt on that sunny Botswana day pales in comparison to the news this morning.


A mere four days after being acquitted for a separate double homicide supposedly unrelated to the murder which gave Hernandez a life sentence, Aaron decides to hang himself in his single cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. Officially pronounced dead at 4:07 AM EST. I’ll let Sports Illustrated and other capital J Journalists write real investigative stories but this truly is the ultimate tragedy. Three families have to live knowing their sons were murdered by a narcissistic serial killer who also happened to have potential Hall of Fame talent. Another family has to live knowing their loved one WAS a narcissistic serial killer with potential Hall of Fame talent and hung himself in prison. On the day a lot of his ex teammates, coaches and brothers get the good fortunate of visiting the White House to celebrate a Super Bowl victory, Aaron Hernandez decides to reel in one last headline, a tragic one at that.