Gone are the days of zero blogs to read for our 100s of thousands of readers. We are back better than ever. Pardon My Jake came out with the “Sparknote “ version of Tom Brady’s book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance even though none of us read it. And with that we are off to the blogging races. Get ready for a daily blog by Jake himself among other things. Let’s get to it.




Who else is back? The NFL. For more reasons than one. After two weeks of mediocre at best football, Week 3 of the NFL season brought in an abundance of awesome football. From the Thursday night game, to thrillers in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Green Bay and New England, Week 3 was great for the NFL. I am not going to get into any postgame analysis, because really I’ve had enough of that (skip to the 4:06 mark). The NFL needed this slate of showdowns after controversial remarks by President Donald Trump.


I will say this: Odell Beckham is such a joke. I don’t care how talented the guy is. Yes, I have eyes. Odell has some of the best hands and once those hands catch the ball he has some of the best legs and feet. I am not an idiot. I understand those things. But I want this guy 7 galaxies away from my locker room if I am a GM or coach. I’d pay a kings ransom to be a fly in the wall on a therapy session with that psychopath. He is not a football guy. He is a childish basket case who probably spends more time studying the mirror, than the film.


For tonight’s game my prediction is going to be 100% accurate. The Cowboys will be playing the Cardinals at the U of Phoenix Stadium at 8:30 PM EST. One of the teams will win and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to who that will be.


Get ready for October baseball because it is going to be elite. I have a feeling this is going to be an epic month of playoff baseball come October. 4 able teams in the American League in the Indians, Astros, Red Sox and Yankees coupled with what looks like is going to be either the Dodgers or Nationals from the National League. Who knows though, I certainly wouldn’t count out the Cubs. Or the Diamondbacks.


In NBA news, Lebron James is still a prima donna.


Outside of Sports


I don’t know exactly if I read the news correctly but apparently North Korea declared war on America? Or they accused America of declaring war on them? North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, like the rest of North Korea, is living in banana land. Uhhh, hello??? The Korean War never technically ended. It “ended” in 1953 even though no peace treaty exists. Ri Yong-ho’s claim is essentially the same as me dumping my girlfriend, even though I don’t have one. How does one country declare war on another country when in theory they are already at war with each other? Regardless, this is a situation I am melting my butter and getting my popcorn ready for.


Today In History


September 25th, 1980 legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin John Bonham died of his ongoing struggles with drug abuse/alcoholism. Before attending rehearsals that morning at Bray Studios in Montreal, Bonham began his day by drinking four quadruple shot screwdrivers with his breakfast. From there, while rehearsing for the band’s upcoming North America tour Bonham continued his day of heavy drinking. The drummer consumed a liter and a half of vodka throughout the day. Bonham later died in his sleep that night due to accidental death by choking on his vomiting. Sad stuff as this would be the day that ended one of the most legendary rock bands mankind has ever seen and listened to. John would have been 69 today. Sup?


Quote of the Day


“The best way to predict the future is to create it” –Abraham Lincoln