I don’t care where your political opinions lay, this video of President Donald Trump tossing Hurricane Maria refugees paper towels is laugh out loud funny. No, hurricanes aren’t laugh out loud funny. They are catastrophic, at times deadly and can destroy homes, businesses and ruin lives. There is nothing funny about that. I evacuated Florida to escape Hurricane Irma. There was nothing funny about my 20-hour drive after the storm driving from New Orleans to Tampa. It is supposed to take 9.


But this video is hilarious. Trump is shooting these like a basketball. It looks like what one does when they crumple up a piece of paper and act as if they’re shooting a basketball. Except Trump was not in an office. Trump was not in a bathroom. Trump was at a refugee center in Puerto Rico acting like he was Larry Bird shooting paper towels at people.

Not going to lie that was not terrible form by Trump. Had that been a basketball it would have had plenty of rotation. Plenty. Had it gone in the hoop cleanly, it would have bounced right back in his direction like it is supposed to when you sink a bucket.