The King of Trolling is at it again. Lavar Ball is pulling his son Lamelo out of Chino Hills High School to home school him and make him “the best basketball player ever”. Hmmm. How can all three of his sons be the best basketball player ever? Now, I could be living on Mars but if I remember correctly there can only be one “best” of something.

Regardless of the trolling, the story has it that Chino Hills has a new basketball coach who probably wasn’t going to put up with all the shit that comes from the Ball family. The coach probably didn’t want to let Lamelo Ball play zero defense and cherry pick to score 92 points in a game and the coach probably wasn’t going to let Lamelo take 100 shots a game because this coach is probably a good coach. Not to Lavar though, to Lavar this coach is a “knucklehead and shouldn’t be messing with Lamelo’s head” Really? Isn’t that what good coaches do?


Basketball aside, just think for a moment what this homeschooling will consist of. What in God’s name will Lavar be teaching Lamelo? Lavar Ball has the grammar of a child. First of all, Chino Hills has a graduation rate of 97% and offers 18 AP courses. Not that we should be expecting a son of Lavar Ball to take advantage of top notch educational resources, but Lavar is not doing his son any good. Poor kid, really. He is too young to realize his father is doing a disservice to him in terms of the kid reaching his full potential of being the best possible person.


I would pay a lot of money to be a fly in the wall of one day of that homeschooling. Based on some of the videos I’ve seen of Lamelo on the basketball court, I sure hope they are spending more time in the gym than in the living room examining text books.