Wow. I am completely blown away. Never in a million years would I expect Rick Pitino to pocket 98% of the money from the corrupt Adidas deal. It is shocking. Coach Pitino? He wouldn’t do that, he is a man of honor. So all these executives at Adidas, and assistant coaches at Louisville are facing charges brought about by the FBI but for some reason, Coach Pitino isn’t?
I honestly don’t know anything in terms of the details about the scandal. The NCAA is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country. Whatever went down with Louisville and Adidas happens everywhere. It is beyond strange to me that the FBI felt the need to get involved. With that being said I can’t, for the life of me, come to terms with Pitino earning $1.5 million for his own personal services just through this Adidas deal alone. Coach Pitino is NEVER on the wrong end of a scandal.