Is anyone on earth happier to be alive than Kyrie Irving right now? I have always been a Kyrie fan, ever since he established himself as the #1 pick after playing 12 games for Coach K. He is extremely smart and can do crazy things with a basketball in his hand, not to mention his epic performance as Uncle Drew. Nothing he has done on the court tops the troll job he pulled by convincing everyone that he thought the earth was flat. And he has already won an NBA title.

But especially now, Uncle Drew is living the dream of every basketball player with the NBA in his sights. Point guard for the Boston Celtics. Bob Cousy, Dennis Johnson, Rajon Rondo, Tiny Archibald, Marcus Banks, Kenny Anderson…the list goes on. “I’m playing in a real, live sports city”, Kyrie said after the C’s preseason game Tuesday night. Hear that Cleveland? Not a real sports city!

Watching this team play last night, even though it was just preseason affirms my prediction of them winning 56-58 games. 60 is well within reach. You can see why Kyrie wanted to get away from the walking locker room cancer that is, Lebron James. And, imagine you are playing Pop Warner being coached by your buddy’s dad who is holding on to some dark high school football memories from 35 years ago, then you move towns and all of a sudden, Bill Belichick is your coach. That is the equivalent of going from Tyronn Lue to Brad Stevens. Kyrie has the keys to the offense and the possibilities are endless.  The ball movement under Stevens is unparalleled outside of Golden State, and he is surrounded with shooters all over the floor.

“A lot of different cultures, food and people. You get it all, especially in Boston,” the All-Star point guard also said. “You would go to Cleveland and it would be at nighttime and things would be going on, but you just see a vast difference.” As if Cleveland fans needed a reminder of how shitty things are after watching the Indians choke it away last night. On the bright side, the Kevin Hogan era starts this Sunday!