Lets be careful to not get our hopes up, but Sir Eldrick Tiger Woods has officially been cleared to resume “all golf related activities” folks. After a video was posted to Tiger’s personal IG account of him ripping driver (I use the term ripping lightly) Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg confirmed that Tiger has gotten the go ahead from his surgeon to take full hacks. Tigey has not competed since withdrawing from a tournament in Dubai last February, and had anywhere from 3-17 back surgeries over the past 5 years.

Look, it is great to see that Tiger is back to swinging the ol’ D-stick around. (That’s a nickname for a Driver!) The swing didn’t look all that fluid, but he has full mobility and can get the club all the way back, which is a good sign. Of course, he could have been rolling around on the grass in pain after that one swing, but we haven’t heard that to be the case. It is also a great sign that he appears to be clean & sober since the last time we saw his mug on TV.

What should we expect from Tiger? In my expert golf opinion, I think the answer is obviously next to nothing resembling anything like the Tiger we grew up with. But, the Masters is 5.5 months away. If he is already up to taking full cuts now, he should be able to get his game ready to at least tee it up by then. As far as him competing on tour, I’m not sure that is a reasonable expectation. There so much young talent and firepower out there on the course these days. Any given week, you have the JT’s, DJ’s, and Spieths of the world firing on all cylinders. Of course none of them are anywhere near the level of consistency that Tiger was at in his prime, but the depth of star power on Tour has never been stronger.

If he does tee it up at a major in 2018, it will have been a decade since his last Major championship-win. It is tough to imagine Tiger winning another major, but man it would be fucking great to see him in contention wearing that Sunday red. So, I tried not to get my hopes up, but now they are up. 100-1 Odds to win the Masters. Go get em Tiger.