I am not trying convince you that I am Buster Olney or Tim Kurkjian but I don’t think many of baseball’s best analysts saw this coming before the season. Heck, even midseason at the All Star break I don’t think baseball pundits thought the Yankees would put themselves in a position to be one win away from advancing to the World Series.

I sure as shit didn’t see this coming at the eve of the playoffs before the Yankees Wild Card play-in game against the Twinks (not a typo, google what a Twink is). But here we are, today, October 20th at 8:08 pm the Yankees Luis Severino is pitching against Justin Verlander. This could be the last game of the Astros season and while Dallas Keuchel is the superior pitcher to Verlander, I am happy with Verlander on the mound if I am the Astros.

I am not one of the many people claiming that if the Yankees lose today, than they have no chance in Game 7. I believe these games are independent of each other especially when you consider who will be pitching for the Yankees in Game 7 if there is a Game 7. CC Sabathia in 3 starts this Postseason has been a bonafide ace. 15.2 innings allowing just 4 runs and fanning out 19. Batters are hitting just .186 against Sabathia.

But the Astros have been terrible in this series. Where in tarnation was this team a series ago against the Red Sox. Oh wait, that is right, this same Astros team got to play the lowly Red Sox, a sorry team that couldn’t hit or pitch. But this Astros team against the Yankees is batting .147. That is a joke. They are making good Yankees pitchers like Masahiro Tanaka look like the second coming of Nolan Ryan.

The Astros were the best offensive team in baseball during the regular season leading the league in runs scored, hits, homeruns, batting average, on base percentage you name it. Well now that we are in October, guys like George Springer, Alex Bergman and Marwin Gonzalez couldn’t hit a ball if it smacked them right in the face.

Not to mention, Houston is not a baseball town. If I am the Yankees I am not scared whatsoever of going into that ballpark and winning one game in two chances. I think they’re going to do it tonight. This Yankees team, in 2017, is doing what many knew they could do in 2018, 2019 and beyond. This is a year early but I don’t hear any complaining from these obnoxious Yankees fans who have watched there team do nothing since 2009. But as a Red Sox fan with nothing but hate for the Yankees I will admit it: we’re screwed. The Yankees are back, I think they will beat the Dodgers and if they don’t they will be right back with World Series aspirations next season. Why do good things happen to bad people.