I am not quite sure but Carmelo Anthony looked 20 pounds lighter than he looked last year. I am beyond excited to watch this Thunder team play this year. I legitamitely believe this team will compete with the Warriors in the West but will end up the 2 seed. They are definitely going to give the Warriors a tougher showing than the Spurs did last year in the Conference Finals as they got swept right to the golf course.

I am not even overreacting over last night’s win against the low life Knicks. If anything, beating that team in game 1 by only 21 points tells us nothing. Still this Thunder team is going to be ridiculously fun to watch.

Love seeing the classic Carmelo game last night with the accumulation of 2 combined rebounds and assists. Classic. Carmelo’s plus/minus in a 21 point blowout was + 0. In contrast, other recently acquired All-Star Paul George’s was +23 and Westbrook’s was +29.