Not to be a homer but the Patriots just embarrassed the Falcons. Since 28-3, with 2:12 seconds left in the third quarter of Super Bowl 51 the Patriots now own the Falcons to the tune of 54-7. The Falcons stink. I thought the Patriots defense was horrific and the team wouldn’t be able to go anywhere because of it? What did we say? We said championships aren’t won in week one in late September. Championship teams get better each week. Losing teams get worse as the weeks go on. 3 weeks ago everyone and their mother said the Chiefs were a lock to make the Super Bowl. Not me. I knew they would get worse and wouldn’t be able to continue dominating week in and week out.

Are the Patriots now the team to beat in the AFC? You are damned right they are. But the Patriots have a lot of work to do. They need to improve their pass rush. They need to be better in the kicking game. They need to run the ball better. They need to pass better, block better, tackle better, really they need to be better in all three phases of the game. You want to talk about stats? I’ve had enough of that here. We are on to San Diego.