Welcome to this weeks edition of: COULD THEY BEAT THE BROWNS!

While the worlds of both college football and the NFL are both whacked and unpredictable, one thing remains certain week in and week out. The Cleveland Browns will show up on Sunday, and they will suck. It is not just that they lose every game, it is the way they continue to embarrass themselves. Frankly, the way this team is playing right now, there should be a way to relegate them from the NFL a la the Champions League. On the flip-side, in College, each week there are a few teams that come out and play extremely well, and beat the crap out of their opponent. It is at times like these where the world wonders whether or not that team could beat the Cleveland Browns. So far we have mentioned Alabama, Clemson, and Troy University as teams that would probably knock of the Brownies. After this weekend, and another classic Browns performance at home, let’s look at another team that would knock them off.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish –

The Irish came into this week ranked #13 in the country and beat the crap out of  11th ranked USC. The final score on Saturday night from South Bend was 49-14, and it could have been worse had ND not called off the dogs. The Irish are now 6-1 on the season, with their lone defeat coming at the hands of #3 Georgia. Since that tight loss, Notre Dame has been completely dominant blowing out everybody in their path by no less than 23 points. It is not like they play a cupcake schedule either. This level of dominance combined with the incompetence of the Browns has me convinced that Notre Dame should be added to the list of College football teams who would beat Cleveland. But, there is more evidence that points to this being the case; Think about this….

The Cleveland Brown’s starting QB is Deshone Kizer. The same Deshone Kizer that led Notre Dame to a 4-8 record last season, which was probably the worst in the history of their storied program. Low and behold, Kizer leaves ND and they are back to being one of the best teams in College football. He now throws his interceptions in Cleveland, where he can be spotted partying at night clubs hours before kickoff.

As for the QB Notre Dame beat last week, many project Sam Darnold to be the #1 QB in the upcoming NFL Draft, which will likely see the Browns having the #1 pick, since unfortunately relegation is not a possibility.  If they were wise, they would probably select Darnold, after clearly seeing that Kizer nor any of their backups are capable NFL QBs. If Notre Dame is already able to beat Darnold so badly now, there is no reason to think why that would change if he switches his Trojan uni for a Browns one. If the Browns wanted to go with their backup, well Cody Kessler is also an ex Trojan and USC fans have already anointed Darnold as their best NFL prospect ever, so he wouldn’t fare any better.

While we’re on the subject of QB play for the Browns, lets note that during the past 2 NFL Drafts, they have passed on opportunities to select MVP candidate Carson Wentz, and then Rookie of the Year Favorite Desean Watson. Hue Jackson is now 1-22 as a head coach of the Cleveland Browns, and I wouldn’t expect that record to improve if they went head to head with the Fighting Irish.