How do the people feel about Matt Moore today? It is the same thing over and over again. People are NUTS. I had over 100 friends who were diehard Jets fans explain to me in the past couple of days how Matt Moore is the real deal. Really?? Matt Moore!!! He is 33!! Name me a quarterback who had their breakout, career defining game at age 33. There isn’t one. But since Matt Moore has had a couple of good second halves against the Jets and his numbers aren’t terrible he is all of the sudden a good quarterback. So funny.

I don’t think many people saw 40-0 though as the Ravens trampled the low life Dolphins. While losing quarterback Joe Flacco to a concussion is certainly a blow, this was a much needed victory at home for the Ravens who improved to .500 sitting at 4-4. I doubt Flacco is out for more than a week.

The Ravens ran the ball down the Dolphins throat. The Dolphins couldn’t run at all.The Ravens needed to throw just 22 passes for 121 yards in their winning effort while Matt Moore threw for 44 passes and just 176 yards for a grand total of zero points. I know it is not hard to divide 176 by 44 but per completion attempt Matt Moore threw for 4 yards. Very exciting stuff.

What a weird year for the NFL. It seems like just about anybody can beat anybody. Who would have thought at Week 8, the Eagles were the best team in the league? Obviously some people in Philadelphia did but even the majority of them couldn’t have seen this coming. There is only one 1-loss team. There are seven 2-loss teams. 11 three-loss teams and seven 4-loss teams. Everybody is beating everybody and unless you are the Cleveland Browns or the San Francisco 49ers, anybody is beating anybody. 2017 has been about as predictable as a roulette table and my bookie could not be happier.