Umm wait a minute here. What?? Let me get this straight, University of Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain came out a few days ago and publicly proclaimed he had been receiving death threats for his teams performance. Okay, that would suck to receive death threats over your teams performance. I get it. But, umm, apparently he lied??

According to the University of Florida Athletics Director Scott Stricklin, McElwain failed to provide any evidence to his claims. McElwain lied and he looks like a complete dumb ass right now. What kind of psychopath lies about receiving death threats?? That may very well be one of the most egregious things one could lie about. Freaking death threats?? That is extremely serious and it is beyond selfish and narcissistic to even consider lying about receiving them.

All is well in Gainesville though. As I am writing this, there are reports that McElwain will be fired as early as tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention, Florida got absolutely pistol whipped today by Georgia to the tune of of 42-7. But yea, let us turn the attention away from us, let’s avoid having any resemblance of accountability and let’s blame it on death threats. Of course, death threats that never even occurred. By god is Jim McElwain a putz. What a joke.