Maybe one of the funniest and likeliest sports reports I have ever read. The Cleveland Browns were forced to evacuate their London hotel at 5:45 am local time due to a gas leak. I chuckled writing that sentence. Pick a better hotel for christ sakes. A gas leak? I have stayed at 2-star hotels in Memphis with beds contaminated with bugs and bodily fluids of the people staying there before me without having to evacuate because of a gas leak. The players had a sleepless night last night because of the leak and now have to alter their Saturday schedule, even though their entire week had been altered because they’re playing in a city on the other side of the pond.

I get why the NFL would want to try and branch out to become an international brand but it isn’t working. The matchups they bring to London are a disgrace which doesn’t do the league any good such as tomorrow’s Vikings @ Browns at Twickenham Stadium in Twickenham, United Kingdom. What a joke. And what owner would be willing to give up 1 of their 8 home games to go play in freaking London? I guess an owner like Jimmy Haslam would, whose team is a combined 4-35 dating back to the 2015 season and whose company, Pilot Flying J was forced to pay $92 million in penalties because of fraudulent practices.