Who would have thought the Jets and Bills would produce a halfway decent Thursday Night Football matchup? It certainly had me entertained as the two teams combined to score 4 touchdowns in a 34-21 Jets victory. Tulane alum Matt Forte ran the ball well racking up 77 yards on only 14 carries while scoring 2 touchdowns in addition to his 4 receptions. Journeyman McCown did enough to not lose the game and here we are with the first matchup of Week 9 in the books and the New York Jets are only one game under .500 at 4-5.

You know the Jets are one of the worst organizations in all of sports when it’s fans are still not that happy over a Week 9 win. Last week at 3-5 and coming off 3 consecutive losses, Jets fans were calling in an droves happier than Mickey Mouse over the fact that they thought they could now officially start tanking. The Jets only have two less losses than the division leading Patriots. They just beat the team with 4th best record in the entire conference. In a year in which it seems like 27 teams are mediocre at best, I wouldn’t give up just yet if I were a Jets fan.

Shame on Richie Ingocgnito. I was never one to hate on the guy but things have now changed for me. After a disappointing loss to the Jets, in a game in which the Bills were coming in with plenty of hype, a 5-2 record and an impressive win at home against the Raiders Richie decided to take shots at the league and blame the loss to the Jets on the game being played on Thursday Night. Obviously the league put these games in place to stretch their pockets. Are the fans complaining? Hell no. Are the coaches and players complaining? Very rarely, and if they do, it isn’t after a Thursday Night shit show of a loss to the Jets. Kudos to Bills Center Eric Wood and Head Coach Sean McDermot for taking ownership for the loss and refusing to complain about playing on Thursday night. Richie, you know who else played on Thursday night? The Jets. You know who else plays on Thursday nights? Every team in the NFL. Take ownership for a piss poor performance by your squad.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets