Today In Sports: A couple interesting bits of news today in the NFL, first off Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the NFL over their handling of Roger Goodell. According to Outside The Lines, Jones will sue the league if they approve of a Roger Goodell contract extension. I don’t even think Jones would be able to do that even if he wants but I am no lawyer. This is going to get interesting though because from what I have been reading many owners don’t want to give Goodall a new contract.

Where were these owners when Goodell brushed a video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of an Atlantic City elevator after cold clocking her? Where were these owners when their same commissioner gave Tom Brady a 4 game suspension for allegedly taking a bit of air out of his footballs? Where were these owners when Goodell got a hold of a police report which had a plethora of gruesome details in regards to Greg Hardy abusing his girlfriend with multiple AK 47s?

In other NFL news, the Packers have cut veteran Tight End Martellus Bennett. Whatever happened to that being the best signing of the offseason? Bennett reeled in a whopping 233 yards on 24 catches in 7 games. It isn’t like his numbers were any good when he had Rodgers on the field. This proves yet again why Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. Belichick won a Super Bowl with Bennett as his starting Tight End. Mike McCarthy can’t control a locker room and definitely can’t coach guys like Martellus Bennett. Bennett didn’t need to be a distraction but he was because Green Bay lacks leadership.

In basketball news, can the Knicks win a fourth in a row tonight in Orlando? Kristaps Porzingis is playing absolutely out of his mind putting up 33 and 7 in his last 5 games. But in typical Knicks fashion, aside from whatever the Unicorn does tonight, they aren’t winning in Orlando. At an 8.5 point spread, I doubt they even cover.

A more impressive streak is on display on ESPN tonight as the Celtics try to improve to 10-2 and their tenth straight win. They will be doing this against the 5-5 Lakers. The Celtics are going to demolish the Lakers tonight and I am especially excited to see when Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart are guarding Lonzo. It will be fun to see as a Celtic fan but maybe Ball will prove me wrong. I doubt it. Celtics win and cover the 6.5 point spread to get to 10-2.

Today In The News: “Jake, how come the picture for this write-up is a picture from Tinder?” If you follow the business world, especially in regards to tech companies and apps AND you belong to Swipe Right University like yours truly, you may be surprised to hear some Tinder related news. Tinder added a record 476,000 paying members this past quarter to bring their total up to 2.5 million. Wait what? Who on earth would pay for Tinder. How little game could you have? I didn’t know there could possibly be 2.5 million people with less game than me. Just use more dating apps. Download Bumble, Hinge or even my new personal favorite JSwipe. Better yet, leave your apartment and GO MEET PEOPLE! Go to the local bar with a cute bartender. I do that all the time it just never works for me. It may work for you.

Today In History: Today, 80 years ago the Nazi exhibition Der ewe Jude was released to the public. In English, this translates to “The Eternal Jew”. If you are curious to see how Adolph Hitler effectively brainwashed an entire country to try and eliminate the existence of an entire religion, google the Eternal Jew. They even made a movie out of it in 1940. It depicts the Jewish people in the ugliest manner possible. But it was things like The Eternal Jew, directed by Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels, that enabled Hitler to execute the deadliest genocide in modern history.