Today In Sports: Not a lot to write about in the sports world today. Couple of good basketball games on tonight as the Celtics look to win their 13th in a row in Brooklyn. I’d be going to the game if I didn’t get freaking scammed by a scum bag off stubhub. For someone who works in sports ticket sales I should know way better than that but you lay in the bed you make.

I will be honest here it takes me a good month before I start seriously getting into College Basketball. With that being said we have two awesome matchups tonight on ESPN with a 1 vs 2 showdown between Duke and Michigan State at 7:00 followed by a 4 vs 7 Kentucky vs Kansas. Four of the best coaches and four of the best programs in the sport. Four teams with zero losses and four teams littered with talent. Through two games I have been impressed with Duke Freshman Marvin Bagley III. This kid is a monster at 6 ’11 and 240 lbs he just needs to learn how to shoot free throws. In the later game, Kentucky has played 8 players so far through 2 games. 6 of them are Freshman and two are Sophomores. Kansas, on the other hand played 9 players in their opener and only 2 of them were Freshman.

Interesting news in Minneapolis as the transit workers union is preparing to strike during the Super Bowl week. The union and the city have been having a hard time negotiating a new contract for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005 which looks like it could be bad news for the NFL. Normally I would laugh about something like this however I will be traveling to Minnesota that week for when the Patriots take on the winners of the NFC Championship game.

Today In The News: It looks like I left the great city of Tampa, Florida in perfect timing as reports are coming out that there is a serial killer on the loose. A 4th man from the same half mile radius in the Seminole Heights neighborhood has been mysteriously murdered. It is astonishing to me that they are not only yet to find the killer but have very little leads or information.

Today In History: On this day, 47 years ago if I did the math right, in 1970 Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed in the rural mountains of West Virginia killing 75 members of the Marshall University football team. 37 players, 9 coaches, 25 boosters and four flight crew members were among the passengers that died. The team was returning home after a 17-14 loss to the East Carolina football team and this tragedy is considered the deadliest affecting any sports team in U.S. history.

Most people know about this event because of the film We Are Marshall which depicts the events that occurred leading up to the crash and how the University handled it. The movie starts Matthew McConaughey as the new head coach Jack Lengyel. I honestly didn’t like the movie because there wasn’t enough football in it.

An injured Nate Ruffin (ANTHONY MACKIE) points to the stands at the conclusion of the game against Xavier in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ inspirational drama, “We Are Marshall,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.