Things got interesting with this one.

Today In Sports: Finally, Ezekiell Elliot has done what he should have done months ago. The Cowboys’ star running back has withdrawn his appeal and serve the full six game suspension. All Elliott had been doing was acting as a disservice to his team. Not only was Elliott being an unmitigated distraction but he was never going to not serve that 6 game suspension. By delaying the inevitable, Elliott would have served his suspension come playoff time.

I would argue he still has done a major disservice because now he won’t play until Week 16 against the Seahawks. It isn’t as if the Cowboys are even a lock to make the playoffs in the first place at 5-4. As the weather gets colder, teams need their running game to be better than ever. The Cowboys didn’t need Zeke in their 42-17 Week 2 loss in Denver. They didn’t need him in their 35-30 loss at home against the Rams in Week 4. You can be sure as sugar they will need him the next 6 weeks with 3 divisional matchups on the table. 

Well, maybe not in one of those divisional matchups. Apparently, Giants’ Head Coach Ben McAdoo had a “brutually honest” meeting with his team. About what? About how through 10 weeks they have shown up on ONE Sunday?? Against a lousy Broncos team? They have been playing like they don’t want to be on the field which is a direct reflection of the Head Coach. McAdoo called the next 7 games coaching his 1-8 team as one of the greatest opportunities of his life. I’d argue that these past 9 disastrous weeks were a greater opportunity that he downright blew.

One last bit I’d like to briefly talk about in the sports world today lays in the news that Yankees Owner Hal Steinbrenner claimed he completely agreed with the firing of ex manager Joe Girardi. He even alluded to the fact that even with a World Series title this season they still wanted to part ways with Girardi. This had been an ongoing conversation between him and GM Brian Cashman for 2-3 years now. I don’t know how I feel about this because I will be the first to admit Cashman is one of the best executives in all of sports. But Joe Girardi had a great tenure with the Yankees which culminated in a wildly unexpected yet successful final year in which he nearly got a young team into the World Series when going in to the season no one thought they had the chance.

Today In The News: While reports came out that the Zimbabwean Military had essentially performed a coup on President Robert Mugabe, this isn’t technically the case according to the Wall Street Journal. The Military has simply taken control over all of the nation’s governmental and civic institutions due to major social and economic crises.

Mugabe has run the resource rich country for over 37 years. Yea, he is currently being protected by the military and safe in his home. But at 93, and with a country sick and tired of his actions particularly when it came to his willingness to protect a family dynasty even after his death, the Zimbabwean people spoke up. The military has taken over for now in an unprecedented event. Usually when a military does this they either kill or imprison the president.

Today In History: Today, 484 years ago, the famous Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro arrived in Cuzco which at the time was the capital of the Inca Empire. This area would later turn into Lima which is the current capital of Peru. Under Pizarro’s command of roughly 200 men the Spanish Empire managed to completely take over the Incan Empire of 100s of thousands if not upwards of millions. They brought with them disease, slavery and implemented a labor system called Encomienda which can be thought of as a system similar to that in which we saw in America with Sharecropping during the Jim Crow era. Not enough Americans look at what the Spanish did to the indigenous people of South America but it is definitely worth reading about.