Today In Sports: The New York Giants announced today that Eli Manning will not start Week 13 against the Oakland Raiders. This will be the first time since November 14th 2004 that the Giants will start a Quarterback other than Eli Manning. Eli Manning has the record for most consecutive starts for a Quarterback with 171. With Geno Smith set to start, he will be the first African-American Quarterback to ever start for the Giants.

Sure, this sucks for Eli as this was an incredibly impressive feat to start that many consecutive games. But Eli Manning has been awful this season. Statistically speaking the Giants have the second worst offense. In fact aside from two awesome playoff runs where he wound up knocking off my Patriots, Eli has not been a great NFL Quarterback. Manning has lead the league in interceptions in 3 different years. In 2013 he threw just 18 touchdowns to 27 interceptions. In his 14 years as the Giants starter, they only made the playoffs 6 times.

In other Quarterback news, the 49ers just announced that Jimmy Garoppolo will start this Sunday against the Bears in his hometown of Chicago. Jimmy, of course was recently traded to San Francisco and will be making his first career start as a 49er. Jimmy will be a free agent this summer so it is imperative for Garoppolo’s wallet for him to impress this week and the remaining weeks he has this season as a starter. I am certainly pulling for the guy but I’d also bet my piggy bank that some team, whether it is San Francisco or somebody else, will overpay for his services this offseason. My hot take: Jimmy G and Josh McDaniels will partner up and head to East Rutheford to lead the Giants. Crazier things have happened.

Today In The News: A little while back I wrote on the alleged Serial Killer in Tampa Florida and how I was puzzled as to how the police had no leads. Well, today Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said they received a tip about a Seminole Heights man with a gun who is believed to be involved with the recent shootings. It still bemuses me that it has been two weeks since the most recent murder and they still only have one lead that may or may not be a promising one.

Today In History: In yesterday’s Jakedown, I wrote about how on November 27th, 1942 none other than the legendary Jimi Hendrix was born. Well, one day and one year later, the first of three major World War II conferences was held in Tehran, Iran between the leaders of the Big Three Allied Powers. Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met and committed to opening a second front against Nazi Germany in Southern Europe which would go on to eventually lead to the landing in Normandy.