Tomorrow is December. Let that sink in.

Today In Sports: The NFL pledged $89 million over 7 years to projects aiming to help enact criminal justice reform, improve law enforcement/community relations as well as educate the youth. The man who really helped make this happen is Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins, of course has been constantly kneeling and raising his fist during the National Anthem in an effort to protest what he saw to be injustice in American society. Well, it looks like what Malcolm Jenkins was doing ended up working. And because of it, Jenkins announced he will now stand for the National Anthem. Very great to see that Jenkins used his huge platform to help enact positive change.

Today In History: Two parter today and we will start with the one that happened on this day 214 years ago. I’d say over 95% of Americans have heard of the Louisiana Purchase. No, that did not happen on November 30th, 1803. But you know what did? The Spanish Empire controlled the territory of Louisiana from 1762 to 1803. On this day 214 years ago, the Spanish Empire sold the territory to the French. 20 days later, France sold the territory to the United States in what would be known as the Louisiana Purchase.

On this day, in 1982, the best-selling record in history was released worldwide. No it wasn’t the Dark Side of the Moon. It wasn’t Back in Black or the Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975). It was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Michael Jackson was obviously a wacko living in Banana Land, but this album is undoubtedly one of the top albums every produced and Jackson was one of the most skilled musicians America has ever produced.